Anthony Mackie photographed by Jakob Axelman

#you know that vine about the first angel you meet in heaven? #that heavenly handsome dude who says he’ll show you the buffet? #i feel like this is another one of those heavenly greeters #steve rogers hits the ice and his heart DOES stop and he does in fact die #and he gets to this shining beautiful place and an angel comes to him and says #we’re real glad to have you cap – but it ain’t your time just yet #and the angel pulls him in and gives him a single kiss on the forehead and the world whites out #steve wakes up in 21st century new york doesn’t remember a thing but the vague feeling of something beautiful #a couple years later he meets sam wilson and though he doesn’t know why #there’s something about sam that makes him feel perfectly incandescently wonderful and safe #sam never does say anything but it’s not the place of guardian angels to do that #he’ll just watch his man and make sure that he’s okay #SECRET ANGEL SAM WILSON THAT SECOND PIC WILL SLAY ME (via @takiki16)


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