Today the NDP voted in favour of a policy motion to ban unpaid internships in Canada.

Text of motion:


NDP Quebec Section, Young New Democrats of Quebec 

WHEREAS unpaid internships undermine the Canadian economy by reducing the number or
permanent paid positions and lowering the wages of permanent employees; 

WHEREAS unpaid internships reinforce economic inequalities by being less accessible to the less
fortunate, who must work to earn their living;
WHEREAS unpaid internships allow businesses to exploit labour; 

WHEREAS, by requiring students to complete unpaid internships, certain coop programs of study
support this exploitation; 

WHEREAS paragraph 1.12.b. of the Policy Book states “… equal pay for work or equal value”; 

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following paragraph be added to NDP Policy: 

1.12.g. Abolishing the abuse and economic discrimination associated with unpaid internships.


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