#magnus didn’t fall so much as hurtle into love; head over feet  #and you’d think he’d have learned by now to be more cautious with his heart; more careful with his feelings – and he has  #but something about alexander wakes something inside of him and it’s so undeniable and it is MY FAVOURITE THING  #bc usually immortals are the ones who take a long time to fall; like it’s always the young fresh mortal ingenue love interest  #who’s so ready to love and so ready to use their innocence and inexperience to draw the immortal-god-person bc so novel after so long  #but this show flips that on the head and it’s magnus – who should be so much more callused and hardened against this; who should be  #smarter and wiser and more bitter and indifferent bc this shouldn’t feel new; this shouldn’t make him see the world in a different light  #but somehow alec does and he can’t help himself and he’s the one who has to find a way to get alec to see that it’s worth fighting for  #worth taking a chance for in spite of all the very good reasons it shouldn’t work  #and yes magnus has his moments of hesitation and faltering and ragnor has to remind him to get his shit together  #but i just love the inversion here; and it’s really annoying that a part of fandom chose to interpret the way this has unfolded as magnus  #abusing his power and experience to coerce alec into a relationship. when actually by flipping this narrative the way they did  #complicates the balance of power in a myriad of ways; and ultimately demands that alec make his own choice for himself and for magnus  #only when he’s good and ready to do so and not a moment before.  #otp: light of my bane  #look at his faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace  #baby  #magnus bane   via @berensens


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