Yes exactly ^^^^

Oh wow, just imagine, maybe Jay Chou for Strange? Or BD Wong, if you want someone older and want to look at it as so many fans wanted to see Iron Fist: someone born outside of China re-connecting with their family history, ancestry, and culture. (I’m thinking of that episode of Elementary where we find out Joan’s birth family name, here.)

Why not Mikkelsen as Mordo? Or Cumberbatch, even–that’s an appropriate role for either of them; a European white guy come to appropriate the powers of Strange’s heritage.

And instead of a ‘manservant’, why not his ‘assistant’ be Jasper Sitwell, who Strange saved (because Dr. Strange) and who’s quietly living as peaceful a life as he can in the wake of almost dying to Pierce’s machinations, helping Strange deal with his hectic practice in the way of his coming into his powers (but actually doing this for Nick Fury on the side, because Nick has his eye on Strange…)

Claire Temple in her actual Night Nurse role, of course. And I think we could work Ziyi Zhang in here somehow.

I believe in Sitwell!

A lot of people have been reblogging the original post with ‘but she’s already been in the MCU as another character’ and like, so what. She’s not the only one who has, and really, who even cares. Like no one on Earth has ever looked remarkably similar to anyone else?

Maybe Jiaying and the Ancient One are related. Maybe the Ancient One produced some kids once and there’s a bloodline of theirs running around which all somehow look a lot like them, all this time later. There, it’s dealt with. See how easy that was? And I didn’t even have to go out of my way or spend more than thirty seconds on it, and it’s no less believable than anything else.

It’s almost like it’s not a big deal…


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