#aw babes#she’s so preoccupied like she has A LOT on her plate#and the tryout was full of currents she was navigating -her dad and chuck in the bg#as well as her primary focus on a tryout that meant quite literally the meaning in her life#so she’s kind of dealing with a variety of things here#and raleigh’s looking at her like THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED#THIS FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING TO ME – DOES IT FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING TO YOU?#IS IT OK IF I DROP THE LONER BADASS THING NOW SO WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS#I THINK WE’D BE GREAT BEST FRIENDS#AND WE COULD MAKE OUT IF YOU WANTED THAT#IF THAT WAS A THING YOU WANTED MAYBE WE COULD DO THAT#OR NOT#BUT LIKE I’M DOWN FOR THAT FYI#WE’RE GONNA FIGHT SO MANY ALIENS AND IT’S GONNA BE YOU AND MEEEEEEEEE#WE ARE DRIFT COMPATIBLE – BEST. DAY. EVER. (via @harrietvane)


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