Magnus “Alexander is coming to see me so I better show off some chest” Bane

#listen i could write screeds of poetry about the beauty of magnus’ neck  #alec could probably do the same  #there’s something positively victorian and scandalous about it  #i think it’s the adam’s apple and just the stretch of smooth skin down to his collar bones and the way he draws attention to it  #with his necklaces and the sumptuous fabrics he wears  #it’s strong and masculine but there’s just something so vulnerable about a person’s throat; watching the way the tendons and muscles  #move with his words or whatever  #like it’s intoxicating  #i want that neck all bruised up from alec’s teeth  #i wonder if magnus bruises easily. would alec have to bite really hard to leave a trail of marks or would a bit of gentle sucking do?  #i want alec’s fingers clasped around that neck and magnus struggling a bit to breathe but feeling so good about it  #about alec holding him in place and pressing down while magnus fights for air and leans up to suck alec’s cock  #i kind of want a collar on that neck to match the bracelet magnus gives alec to wear as a sign of claiming each other.  #i just have a lot of feelings about this thrice blessed throat  #magnus bane  #i have a problem   (tags @berensens)


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