Magnus Bane + outfits

4. Glitter & Gold
Though Magnus couldn’t resist color-coordinating his hair with his outfit and adding shimmering gold eyeliner to match, it’s still his most casual and relaxed look yet, suggesting he may have been hoping to put Alec at ease for their first date.

#i’m sorry but there is nothing about this look that is relaxing or capable of putting a red-blooded man at ease#look at the neckline on that thing. magnus got his tits out almost down to the navel. with all those beautiful necklaces that only#serve to enhance the glamorous picture.#every time he bends down or shifts – alec can see his man cleavage.#i bet he could see nipple if he looked really hard#there’s no way alec hasn’t jacked off at least thrice to the memory of this outfit thinking about how he wishes he could#rip that flimsy silky material to shreds and press a line of kisses down magnus’ sternum and further down below.#wishing he’d been a little braver when he stayed over and instead of falling asleep snoring on magnus’ couch#had maybe touched one of those necklaces to test their weight or brushed magnus’ pretty hair from his forehead or touched#one of those sleeves to see if it was soft and pretty as it looked.#BYE


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