That time Jenn LeBlanc let me tag along to @therippedbodice to meet Fabio. No big deal.

So here’s the deal. I met Fabio. As a romance person this is really big deal. Let me tell you some things about Fabio.

1. Fabio is a really nice person. Like so nice. I can’t believe how nice he is.

2. Fabio knows he’s a really tall buff dude and instead of taking up space and being a general dude about it, he is very aware when he is dealing with women. I felt loved and respected by Fabio. I felt safe with Fabio.

3. He was a really good sport about signing my not butter.

4. He is pure muscle. PURE. MUSCLE. I could feel every muscle from his chest to his thighs and my butt actually quivered. I’ve been with mostly squishy people. I didn’t know what pure muscle felt like. It felt good.

5. Fabio was asked kinda silly questions by a report while he was there. Fabio gave really intelligent thoughtful answers to each question.

6. Fabio knows that he is lucky and that he has made an amazing career off his looks. He’s super humble and thankful about it all. 

8. Did I mention how nice he is??? AND HOW BUFF!


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