John McCain’s son, Jack McCain, responds to racists who took “offense” to the Old Navy interracial family advertisement.

Can we also talk about how that woman said “you couldn’t get a white woman”, like white women are the tip top of the racial scale and are a prize to be had. Basically insinuating Black Women are sloppy seconds #NotHereForIt. Great clapback, Jack. Classy and to the point.

HEADS UP: I just went through his wife’s Twitter and she’s literally an angel sent from heaven!

You should check it out @reneeitchka on Twitter ❤️

That bitch is petty and probably doesn’t have a man of her own lol

“Her” name is ALT right, I can guarantee its not a woman and it is a “muh traditional wheatfield” neckbeard

Yeah that’s going to be either a 100lb soaking wet or 300lb white guy in his early 20s who’s never seen a tit in his life

Why do people like to pretend that white women can’t be vindictive racists.

It’s so funny because they’re capable of just as much hatred and bigotry. Especially when it comes to women of color😒

god i grew up surrounded by white women who thought white men dating interracial was “lowering himself” or worse, akin to pedophilia or bestiality, but that MOC doing the same was some sort of upgrade. 

in NYC i cant even chill with my best friend (a white dude) in a bar without a white woman interrupting us to ask “how we met” which is pretty much code for “what could this perfect white man see in a black woman?!” and having an air of authority in doing so, as though they have a right to badger us about our personal lives. we call them becky cops.

i will not be surprised if that IS really a white woman. i spent my entire 20′s dumping white friends like that that have said and believe the same shit. 

and they’re so fucked up with racism they still message me to this day wondering what they could have possibly said or done to make me cut contact. 



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