#the top two gifs#TOP#TWO#the moment their eyes meet it’s just instant ZING#DRIFT COMPATIBBBBBLLLLLLE#NO GOING BACK NOW#ALL AHEAD FULL#YOUR LIFE IS CHANGED AND MY LIFE IS CHANGED#*OUR* LIVES ARE CHANGED#in that moment raleigh pledges his whole entire being to this girl with blue hair#and mako’s all ‘OH NO HE’S SO MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECTED. I THINK HE’S EVERYTHING.’#DUDES WHO LOOK AT LADIES LIKE THEY HUNG THE MOON#and ladies who know they are totally gonna eat said dudes a l i v e#(you can love them as platonic BFFs feel free but i ship them with the force of thor’s hammer y’all)#EPIC SOULMATES#pacific rim#guillermo del toro ftmfw


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