One after another, the fat people in my life have left me. Not through diet or exercise, not through the much-vaunted “lifestyle change.” They get the surgery and they cross over to the other side. Many of them have been self-accepting, even fat-positive. They came through hell to love themselves and live in their bodies without apologizing. But they’ve gotten tired of haunting the gym. They get tired of people lecturing and begging. They get tired of men at the bar shouting “man the harpoons.” They get tired of their seatmates on airplanes asking to be moved. They get tired of hearing they were too fat to fuck, or that this dress does not come in that size. They’ve done the impossible math: one set of humiliations they’re willing to trade for another. They come to agree with our thin friends; this life is the absolute worst fucking thing that can happen to a person.

People Take Desperate Measures To Not Be Like Me

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Sad. And a, frankly obvious, counter-indication to all the continued arguments about ‘they’re too lazy to try harder’, ‘they don’t KNOW they’re fat! So Education should solve the problem!’ and that ludicrous old saw ‘Calories In / Calories out’. These and countless other ridiculous assertions that have little or NOTHING to do with why some people are fatter than others but have been and continue to be used ON Fat People as bludgeons because some people don’t like the way we look


Tell me again about ‘Willpower’.

Wanna’ know something else? This extreme intestinal mutilation so many sing the praises of? DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK. Last I checked, 30% of WLS patients re-gained all the weight within a few years of losing it. That’s last i CHECKED. Maybe, 4 years ago. Since then? Haven’t heard too much more about it but that parentage has in all likelyhood gone UP and nobody is saying a gotdamn THING. I mean, why would the formerly lucrative institution of Bariatric Surgery wanna’ talk about anything like THAT? As for the Haters still groping for an excuse to hate; NO, this Re-gain finding  CAN NOT be chalked up to ‘Lack of willpower’ or ‘continued bad habits’. Anybody who has ever had or witnessed the lingering pain, embarrassment, and fear of Dumping Syndrome might find themselves quickly and quietly sitting, the fuck, back down. But there is an explanation. Wanna hear it? 

Human Biological Diversity REQUIRES that some humans MUST be Fat.         (Yes, Mr/Mrs Cockwomble Fuckneck; even 500Lbs+ Fat.) 

We can no more control it than you can control your hair loss, that huge nose, your diving board ass/chest, your intolerance for glutens/nuts/shellfish/lactose, your inability to reach the shelf everybody else is getting their beer cups off of, your inability to grow more than a pathetic scrabble of a beard/mustache, or your sudden inability to get-it-up without chemical enhancement. 

When you grow enough willpower to Take Control of some of THAT shit? Then, maybe, we’ll talk.   

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There are no reliable statistics on the mortality rates following bariatric weight-loss surgery. The data is not being collected.

Think about that for a bit.

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Fat people who have stomach amputation surgery (aka “weight loss surgery”) also experience a 50% increase in suicide attempts and five times the risk of alcohol abuse diagnosis. Let’s think about that for a bit too.

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